Is a Qube Home the Same As a Tiny Home?

Tiny homes are one of the most notable trends of the last decade. As cities across North America take bold measures to combat issues like climate change and overcrowding, tiny homes may seem like the answer. But at Qube Life, we’ve come up with an alternative solution. Qube homes are similar to tiny homes in the sense they are an affordable, space-saving living option — but that’s where the similarities end. Qube homes are high-quality, modular, sustainable, moveable, zoning and building-code approved structures that are ideal for anyone looking to take the next step into the future. Not to mention, Qube homes may be an alternative to downsizing, but the modular home build concept makes it possible to build a multi-level mansion from several click-together Qubes.


How the Qube Stacks Up

Qube Home Tiny Home
Quality All parts and components of the Qube home are made from high-quality materials. The steel-enforced post and beam construction ensures building stability and longevity. Tiny homes are often finished with poor-quality materials as a way to cut down on costs. Tiny home manufacturing is often completed on-site instead of in a factory setting, increasing the possibility for error.
Sustainability Qube homes are built to accommodate a sustainable, net-positive lifestyle. Water catchment systems, solar panels, water filtration, and incineration systems are all available through QT Mechatronics. The standardized sizing of Qube homes also creates less waste during manufacturing. Tiny homes can lower your carbon footprint because they require less energy to run. However, not all tiny homes are equipped with eco-friendly applications. A tiny home community also requires more land than a condominium building or a Q-munity of Qube homes.
Cost The cost of a Qube home is comparable to that of owning a small inner-city condo unit. However, the cost comes with access to the entire QT infrastructure and Q-munity. Because they are modular, Qube homes can also be purchased as your budget allows. Tiny homes are a cost-effective alternative to buying a home, though still require the price of paying for utilities, landscaping, and other services included in the QT suite.
Customization As easy as LEGO, Qubes can be added or removed in any direction, with removable interior and exterior surfaces. Qube standardization also allows manufacturers and suppliers to have more control over design and quality. Tiny homes can be designed at the outset but are virtually unchangeable following construction. Because tiny homes come in all shapes and sizes, finding alternative furnishings, finishing and decor can prove to be difficult.
Lifestyle The Qube is more than a home; it’s a lifestyle. Owning a Qube home allows you to be a part of the Q-munity of other Qube lifers. Tiny homes are often built in excluded areas, without the ability to connect to a community of like-minded individuals.

Qube Homes Are Taking Over the Tiny Home Movement

In the outburst of the tiny home movement, several problems with the phenomenon have been brought to light, including waste management, storage, weather resistance, and lack of privacy to name a few. Our goal at Qube Life is to combat these problems with innovative and intuitive solutions, working with top engineers, manufacturers, and scientists.

The Qube Home Advantage

Qube Life - Modular homes - Eco-friendly

Eco-Friendly &

Utilizing solar panels, a water filtration system, and other sustainable methods to power your Qube home, your energy consumption could be net-positive!

Qube Life - Modular homes - comfort applications

Comfortable Finishings

You don’t have to give up luxury for practicality! Furnish your Qube home with everything you need to be comfortable, including furniture and all kitchen appliances.

Qube Life - Modular homes - lower living costs

Affordable Housing Alternative

Be prepared to lower your cost of living with a Qube home. Pocket the money you save by having less energy usage and low to no mortgage payments.

Qube Life - Modular homes - clean renewable energy

Energy Usage

A compact Qube home requires less energy to run. Living the Qube life can also help you make more sustainable decisions about energy consumption.

Qube Life - Modular homes - build concept

Build Concept

The modular build concept of a Qube home makes it one of the most versatile housing options available. Add to your Qube as much or as little as you want.

Qube Life - Modular homes - smart home technology

Smart Home
Technology Options

Outfit your Qube home with the latest smart home technology to fit your on-the-go lifestyle. A Qube home can be the epitome of luxury and convenience.

Qube Life - Modular homes calgary - luxury interior finishing

Optimal Space

We work with talented architects and designers to ensure that your Qube home offers the maximum amount of functional space, regardless of the size.

Qube Life - Modular homes calgary - changeable surfaces

Customizable Surfaces

Removable surfaces make it easy to customize your Qube home with floors, walls, and fixtures that match your style. Plus, you can change them out when you get bored.

There’s So Much to Love About the Qube Home

Start Living the Qube Life

In addition to being more sustainable, customizable, and higher quality than a tiny home or even a prefab home, Qubes offer all the benefits of comfortable, luxury living. Plus, moving has never been easier. Either lift and transport your home, uninstall every component or purchase an identical shell and move all interior surfaces. Our Q-munity offers all of the support you need as you transition to Qube living.

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