Is a Qube Home the Same As a Tiny Home?

Tiny homes are one of the most notable trends of the last decade. As cities across North America take bold measures to combat issues like climate change and overcrowding, tiny homes may seem like the answer. But at Qube Life, we’ve come up with an alternative solution. Qube homes are similar to tiny homes in the sense they are an affordable, space-saving living option — but that’s where the similarities end. Qube homes are high-quality, modular, sustainable, moveable, zoning and building-code approved structures that are ideal for anyone looking to take the next step into the future. Not to mention, Qube homes may be an alternative to downsizing, but the modular home build concept makes it possible to build a multi-level mansion from several click-together Qubes.


How the Qube Stacks Up

Qube Homes Are Taking Over the Tiny Home Movement

In the outburst of the tiny home movement, several problems with the phenomenon have been brought to light, including waste management, storage, weather resistance, and lack of privacy to name a few. Our goal at Qube Life is to combat these problems with innovative and intuitive solutions, working with top engineers, manufacturers, and scientists.

The Qube Home Advantage

Start Living the Qube Life

In addition to being more sustainable, customizable, and higher quality than a tiny home or even a prefab home, Qubes offer all the benefits of comfortable, luxury living. Plus, moving has never been easier. Either lift and transport your home, uninstall every component or purchase an identical shell and move all interior surfaces. Our Q-munity offers all of the support you need as you transition to Qube living.

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