The Key to Sustainability is

Maximize the use of every building component for multi-purpose, multi-use to last multiple times into the future.

Using the building industry standardized dimension along with connector zones, we can offer the most modifiable, environmental, and cost-effective structure on the market.

Aided by computerized manufacturing, all components are delivered with precise connection allowing a quick and clean install. The grid system allows each component to be highly transferable. This minimizes the number of components and provides multi-purpose use or re-use for basic to complex structures.

We use mass wood components due to the following benefits;

  • Visually pleasing and natural product
  • High structural performance vs weight
  • Light industrious manufacture and on-site installation
  • Thermal mass acting as a short term thermal battery  
  • Sound and vibration proofing value
  • High net carbon sequestration effect

The Grid Complex applied to Structures

Any Design is Possible

Any structural design is achievable from straight, angled to complex curvatures. Custom component dimensions available where needed. Wood can be substituted with practically any other material if required.

The Grid System building structure offer the:

  • Most minimal waste possible,
  • Highest functionality – ability to add, remove + reuse
  • Lowest costs, initial + life cycle

Using computerized manufacturing, we precisely position connection detailing on every component to allow quick and easy install.

Based on the grid complex cubic block increment this allows components to be interchanged and transferable around the build or to another build.


Grid System Engineered Glulam (Straight + Curved)

The key to our structural customization ability is in our connector zones. We use post and beam engineered glue laminated mass wood precision modeled using computerized cutting machines. All members are integrated with tension steel which transfers structural forces thru the members.


Construction Assembly Panels

All roof, floor and wall panels come standard to any increment of 2’ which provides the closest to zero waste possible. Custom sizes available on request. Precision slots aligned with post and beam for ease of install or re-use.

Our baseline panels incorporate 7” stone wool and duel duel air seal. This provides optimal cost-performance across all performance criteria namely; air resistance, thermal, sound, strength and weather protection.


Long Span Beam

For use on free spans greater than 20’, we use light weight prefabricated wood or steel beams fitted with the grid complex connection. 


We provide custom design, supply chain and project management. 

We focus on systems with high functionality, transferability therefore ensuring sustainability and low life cycle cost.

Please contact us for consultation on your upcoming project.

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