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We sell Qubes in two standardized sizes; 8’ x 8’ x 8’ and 10’ x 10’ x 10’. The standardization of each basic Qube is, ironically, what allows for so much personalization. Customize every surface, inside and outside with the products sold on the QT Marketplace. You can start with one or two Qubes as an office space in your backyard and continue adding until you’ve built the home of your dreams. Get started today.

Endless Possibilities

There are nearly endless possibilities when it comes to building and designing a Qube home. Our revolutionary features allow for structural customization and removable interior surfaces. Talk to a smart living expert to learn more about the options for custom flooring, comfort applications, exterior aesthetics, and more. Start with a single Qube and build from there! Our approved installers can safely make any structural changes, including omitting posts and beams, to allow for open plans and upper levels.

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Qube Features

Happy with your choice of Qube? Now make it yours with a variety of options available as Qube features. Find everything you need to make your Qube unique and sustainable.

Qube Services

Owning a Qube isn’t just a decision; it’s a lifestyle. Connect with experienced professionals when you have questions about buying or selling land for your Qube, designing a new Qube interior, or investing in solar-powered energy.

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