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We focus on financially sustainable localized utilities delivered in a standardized, simple, and proven method.


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Combined Service


Solar and wind energy is now the most economic form of energy by a considerable margin. We focus on localizing this as much as possible to limit infrastructure requirements and provide more stability to users. Localized renewable energy provides financial sustainability and independence from utility companies and fluctuating costs. We provide off-grid energy storage optimized with a dual system by having a back-up with a probability of approx. 200 hrs. use per year, therefore greatly reducing battery quantity.   


Our Focus

Water capture & filtration

Waste combustion

LED supply

Comfort Heating

Building Automation


Interior Air Quality Devices


Localized & Self Sustaining

Due to low cost energy and technological advancements, other off-grid devices can be powered more cost effectively making it more advantageous to be fully off-grid. Once the asset is paid off, the upkeep is a fraction of the cost compared to external owned sources.  Payback periods average 8 years making life-cycle costs to be less than 1/3rd depending on quality of devices. 

Ecological Impact

Localized sustainable utilities offer the ultimate in terms of ecological net effect. This eliminates the requirement for underground infrastructure and centralized plants. Less transported wastage and greatly improved supply.    

We provide project design and supply chain. Please contact us to establish if we can add value to your project.

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