Qube Interior

Highly Functional, Responsive, Cost-Efficient!

Installation & Modification

The grid system connection mechanisms allow easy install or uninstall of any interior component. This provides on-demand components which can be installed quickly and at low lost.

To add or change out any component requires no measurements, trips back and fourth, no specialized trades or waiting times and modification is enabled at much lower cost and speed.

Existing components can be swapped or sold to other qube buildings.

There is no architectural compromise – any feature, dimension, angle or complex curve is applicable. 

Qube Interiors

Any manufacturer, supplier and designer products can be applied to the grid system. Combined to provide choice and comparability to the end user.


Minimal waste, standardization, direct supply, and DIY install all together provide higher quality at lower cost. This becomes more beneficial as the cost/quality of raw material increases. 


Easily move, add or sell cabinets. You can re-design your kitchen like repositioning furniture. You can even move your kitchen to another side of your home. Water, drain and power points are accessible throughout the building. All units are grid widths with counter-tops and backsplashes provided in increments up to 10’. Cabinetry includes kitchen, washroom, storage and bedroom styles.

Panelised Wall Surfaces

Mainly to support the ability to move rooms around, increase/decrease the size or change the layout, we offer medium to high end panelized wall systems & features. Based on the grid and connection system this allows greatly reduced waste, cost and readily supply & accessible choice of quality materials and features. Just pick and order online with delivery and DIY install. You can do this for an entire themed room while listing your existing room for sale. Assuming equal cost of materials, you just pay for the logistics. Wall surfaces & features include items such as art, fireplace, digital accessories, folding desk/bed, mechanical or aesthetical features. 

Ceiling Panels & Features

As all services are below drywall for accessibility among other reasons, we provide and encourage the use of suspended ceiling features. These range from basic low cost to high tech functional features such as sound, light, mechanical and various other effects. The standard recommended qube has 10’ drywall height which allows a comfortable 2’ additional space. This can be used for services, water storage, household storage. We offer a mechanical system which allows beds or other items to be stored in the ceiling when unused.

Multi Purpose/ Space Saving Furniture

We have a keen interest in space saving or multi-functional furniture. We focus on medium and high-end for its longevity. The main benefit is less building space for the same function. This reduces construction costs, energy consumption, maintenance and overall provides a cleaner, simpler way of life.

Eco Appliances

With the emerging trend of lowering our individual energy consumption, our appliances play a major role in this. This is a sector which is has been under serviced in the past, however products are coming online more recently. We search and bring you the most practical products available.


We use floating floors and elastic grout to allow ease of redesign. Materials are based on the grid which allows extreme transferability; move, buy, sell or swap.


The grid system components can be applied to existing traditional projects with the use of custom pieces around windows, doors and certain corners. We digitally map your interior therefore allowing you access to all grid-based components.

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