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The possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to building, designing, and living in a Qube home. Designed to match any lifestyle, Qubes allow for ultimate versatility, maximum comfort, and, of course, optimal sustainability. Discover the advantages of renewable energy, water conservation and effective thermal solutions available with a Qube home. Explore the floor, wall, and interior design selections available on the QT Marketplace. Regardless of the Qube that you build for yourself, you can take it with you anywhere! You can either move everything visible within your home to a new Qube or order an identical shell layout in another location and sell your existing Qube on the marketplace. If you’re ready to start living your best Qube life, contact us today!

Endless Possibilities

There are nearly endless possibilities when it comes to building and designing a Qube home. Our revolutionary features allow for structural customization and removable interior surfaces. Talk to a smart living expert to learn more about the options for custom flooring, comfort applications, exterior aesthetics, and more. Start with a single Qube and build from there! Our approved installers can safely make any structural changes, including omitting posts and beams, to allow for open plans and upper levels.

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Water Conservation


Each Qube roof is fit with a water catchment basin to catch, filter, and store rainwater. Together with a grey water filtration system, your Qube home can nearly eliminate your reliance on external sources for water supply.

Renewable Energy


Qube homes are designed to be outfitted with solar panels to produce ongoing, sustainable energy. Solar panels can generate enough electricity to meet energy needs for the entire building, resulting in net positive energy consumption.

Financing Options


Qube Life is working with partners to provide 0% down payment options. Financing is subject to building use, location or regulatory constraints.

Smart Home Technology


Smart home technology is revolutionizing the way people interact with their homes. Pre-wiring your Qube home for smart home technology can improve the safety, convenience and functionality of your home’s daily operation.

Post & Beam Construction


The structural properties of the post and beam construction allow the entire building to become largely self supporting. Building core post & beam size and material can be selected to design almost any reasonable height or shape.

Thermal Solutions


Our design focus is on “effective thermal values” and “smart spaces”. Our aim is to provide the required level of thermal comfort utilizing efficient designs, mechanics and materials with the least environmental impact.

Wastewater Management


Take advantage of emerging technology to implement sustainable wastewater management techniques. The systems work by separating solids for composting use or in-home incineration.

Qube Life - Modular homes - Features

Is the Qube Life for You?

Qube Luxury


All surfaces within the Qube are removable and replaceable. Floor tiles are available in hardwood, ceramic, vinyl, and stone in a nearly endless variety of colours and patterns. Because Qube sizes are standardized, all flooring tiles are interchangeable and exchangeable across the QT Marketplace.
Qube Life - Tiny homes - walls
Qube Life - Modular homes calgary - walls
Qube Life - Modular homes - walls
Qube Life - Modular homes - exteriors
Qube Life - Tiny homes - exteriors


All surfaces within the Qube are removable and replaceable. Wall surfaces are not only interchangeable throughout your Qube home, but with different members on the QT Marketplace. The structural properties of the walls allow for a self-supporting design. Additional trusses and cladding screens can be used to offer additional support and allow for open spaces or room division.
Qube Life - Modular homes calgary - exteriors
Qube Life - Modular homes calgary - walls
Qube Life - Tiny homes - exteriors
Qube Life - Modular homes calgary - exteriors
Qube Life - Modular homes calgary - exteriors


Balconies, porches, decks, pergolas, sloped roof features – the list goes on and so will the design creations. All add-ons are designed to accommodate the same standard insert layouts and are therefore tradable products on the QT Marketplace. Screens and skins can also customize the look of your exterior. All Qube Homes include a building envelope with P&S weather shields, custom gaskets, and more to ensure complete weather resistance.

Qube Life - Modular homes calgary- comfort applications
Qube Life - Modular homes calgary- comfort applications
Qube Life - Modular homes calgary- comfort applications
Qube Life - Modular homes calgary- comfort applications
Qube Life - Modular homes


Comfort applications include all furnishings and appliances within your Qube home. Available to buy, sell, and trade on the marketplace, Qube comfort applications are as diverse as the members of the Q-munity. Whether you want to switch up your decor or you’re adding additional Qubes, we have everything you need to make your house feel like a home.
Qube Life - Tiny homes - Roofing
Qube Life - Modular homes calgary - Roofing
Qube Life - Modular homes calgary - Roofing
Qube Life - Modular homes - Roofing
Qube Life - Modular homes - Roofing


Adding solar panels to your Qube roof can help you live a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly lifestyle. Qube roofs are the same dimensions as floors and walls and can be customized, bought, sold, and traded in the same way. Qube roofs, made from durable epdm rubber, also account for a built-in water catchment system.

The Possibilities are Endless

The Qube Home Advantage

Qube Life - Modular homes - Eco-friendly

Eco-Friendly &

Utilizing solar panels, a water filtration system, and other sustainable methods to power your Qube home, your energy consumption could be net-positive!

Qube Life - Modular homes - comfort applications

Comfortable Finishings

You don’t have to give up luxury for practicality! Furnish your Qube home with everything you need to be comfortable, including furniture and all kitchen appliances.

Qube Life - Modular homes - lower living costs

Affordable Housing Alternative

Be prepared to lower your cost of living with a Qube home. Pocket the money you save by having less energy usage and low to no mortgage payments.

Qube Life - Modular homes - clean renewable energy

Energy Usage

A compact Qube home requires less energy to run. Living the Qube life can also help you make more sustainable decisions about energy consumption.

Qube Life - Modular homes - build concept

Build Concept

The modular build concept of a Qube home makes it one of the most versatile housing options available. Add to your Qube as much or as little as you want.

Qube Life - Modular homes - smart home technology

Smart Home
Technology Options

Outfit your Qube home with the latest smart home technology to fit your on-the-go lifestyle. A Qube home can be the epitome of luxury and convenience.

Qube Life - Modular homes calgary - luxury interior finishing

Optimal Space

We work with talented architects and designers to ensure that your Qube home offers the maximum amount of functional space, regardless of the size.

Qube Life - Modular homes calgary - changeable surfaces

Customizable Surfaces

Removable surfaces make it easy to customize your Qube home with floors, walls, and fixtures that match your style. Plus, you can change them out when you get bored.

There’s So Much to Love About the Qube Home

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