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The possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to building, designing, and living in a Qube home. Designed to match any lifestyle, Qubes allows for ultimate versatility, maximum comfort, and, of course, optimal sustainability. Discover the advantages of renewable energy, water conservation and effective thermal solutions available with a Qube home. Explore the floor, wall, and interior design selections available on the QT Marketplace. Regardless of the Qube that you build for yourself, you can take it with you anywhere! You can either move everything visible within your home to a new Qube or order an identical shell layout in another location and sell your existing Qube on the marketplace. If you’re ready to start living your best Qube life, contact us today!

Endless Possibilities

There are nearly endless possibilities when it comes to building and designing a Qube home. Our revolutionary features allow for structural customization and removable interior surfaces. Talk to a smart living expert to learn more about the options for custom flooring, comfort applications, exterior aesthetics, and more. Start with a single Qube and build from there! Our approved installers can safely make any structural changes, including omitting posts and beams, to allow for open plans and upper levels.
Qube Life - Tiny homes calgary

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Qube Life - Tiny homes calgary

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Qube Life - Modular homes calgary

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Qube Life - Modular homes calgary

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