Qube Construct

The Qube construction team’s focus is on light construction processes, using light industrious materials delivered with ultimate operational efficiency.

Qube Construct

Additional to the grid system designs we include other such structures which are in line with our environmental and product quality values. This includes wood frame, modular, container, and technologies such as off-grid, smart automation and hydroponics’.

We build with the future in mind! We are starting to see the effects of climate change and these are being amplified year on year with recent carbon emission increases. So, we build our structures to withstand the future climatic effects. Most importantly is air quality control. Additionally, we build secondary structural properties to withstand seismic and wind forces.   


Operational Efficiency

Our key advantage is our focus on planning! We prioritize this throughout our organization with each and every duty. This turns the attitude of following into responsibility and pride no matter how mundane the task may seem. This comes together as the bigger picture evolves into a project completed on time and on budget.

Our Approach

Simple; We solve problem’s – we don’t create them! Our operational aim is to provide the most practical and cost-efficient service possible by adopting a no-nonsense approach.

Safety and Wellness

The grid system component standardization allows much greater consistency over our activities. This consistency, together with above ground design reduces the possibility of incidents by a substantial margin over traditional construction methods. A well planned “one step at a time” workflow helps us minimize the possibility of incidents even more so.

Additionally, we foster an attuite of inclusion, understanding and fairness among our team. This positive and cooperative atmosphere reduces frustration and stress related issues.

Ecological Impact

The construction industry is the main contributor to global warming. The grid system turns this into a net environmental positive impact – an overall carbon consuming process. Therefore, the more we build, the less carbon is in our atmosphere. Additionally, the grid system allows us to carry out an entire construction contract with zero product waste. With our focus on above ground construction, this ensures minimal disturbance of existing soil carbon levels and allows the soil to continue its carbon sequestration abilities.

We provide project management and construction for the entire project scope. Please contact us to establish if we can add value to your project.

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