The Qube-15 is specifically designed to maximize interior living capacity while keeping in line with allowable dimensions for garden structures. 

Additional Living

Health + wellbeing, recreational, accommodation – green surroundings. Minimal lifestyle with added quality.

Create Space

Create affordable, quality, additional living space in a garden setting. Ideal for 1 – 2 people, this provides an alternation to apartment living for less than 1/3rd of the cost. 

Thermal + Acoustics

Recycled denim (jeans), with anti-flame, anti-bacterial, and fungal treatment. Four layer staggered for optimal thermo-acoustical properties. An environmental and clean product to work with.

Advanced Protection

Fully-adhered to the full envelope including the underside of ventilated roof. A unique air-tight, vapour permeable product, providing optimal interior comfort while greatly protecting the building components from weathering. The air-tightness is the key element for long term protection.

Windows + Doors

High performance Scandinavian pine with integrated low-maintenance aluminium clad protection and coating. Noise reduction security glass. 30 year guarantee against rot, decay and insect attack with an expected lifespan in excess of 60 years. Soft coat low “E”, argon gas and warm edge spacers. 


Live Connection: 1200 connection points per qube + as-constructed digital model recorded on our database. This allows low cost modifications or relocation, i.e. architectural upgrades, adding qubes, cabinetry, adding rooms, washrooms, or converting into a full home building. This also extends the value of your building assets by 2-3 times, while having a great environmental impact.


Neat service modules; Attached to the connection system to provide central and minimalized areas for devices, charging points, lighting, switches and mini utilities. Available in modules of 300mm, extending to “Console+” configurations for complete kitchen, washroom or bedroom fit-out. Plug + play to remodel your building as needed – subject to minimal mechanical alterations and regulatory compliance.   

Hybrid 200 Structure

200mm wide post and beam connector system. Structural OSB exterior and interior with light steel reinforcement providing added structural properties and precise lines. Assembly panels are thermally and acoustically broken on both inner and outer leaf.


Free standing 1500mm module placed to provide a covered external area. Wood decking, glass panel, standing seam profile to blend in with the main structure.


900mm overhang fixed to the structure. Added space and an enhanced architectural feature. 


Our S-Pack includes a cost to supply more higher end materials and features for the exterior and panelized interior to enhance your layout.

Interior Finish

Functional, trendy, structural OSB with 30 min fire resistance clear coating. 50x50mm trim to every assembly for mechanical access. Options for plasterboard, and a range of alternative wall panel finishes. Exposed post and beam wood finish.  

Architectural Wrap

Modern feature wrap CNC manufactured with welded junctions, powder coated aluminium with 2 options; metallic silver or dark grey.

Ventilated Roof System

50mm ventilation space with a secondary OSB structure. This protects materials from moisture related deterioration. Welded aluminium trims providing a quality appearance. Rubber based waterproofing membrane provides ultimate longevity.


With our main background, being in commercial architectural facades we select complimentary and bold materials such as charred/reclaimed wood, slate panels, or corrugated profile. From a wide spectrum of materials, tones, and textures we focus on bringing these together in a modern and pleasing way.   


We provide external heated storage units to blend in with the main structure architecture. Alternatively attach ceiling storage consoles to a height of 2100mm – 2400mm to achieve your desired capacity.   

Electrical Package

Interior and exterior sensor lighting and sockets (+exterior). USB charging, electric heating, fuse board and smoke alarm.


We provide manufacturer guarantees on all applicable components and materials up to 30 years. We use premium materials, systems from the industry leaders. 


Post-completion, we are still here extending our component and service range which applies directly to your model.