Welcome to a Q-Munity of Qubes

Imagine living in a community with literally everything at your fingertips. Imagine raising your family in a dense Q-Munity with all the benefits of detached living. The Qube Life Q-Munity is a revolutionary concept that fosters both connection and privacy, innovation and tradition, continual change and familiarity.

Qube Life - Modular homes - q-munity

Q-Munity Features

  • Convenient Living
  • Design Your Home
  • Customization

  • The Q-Munity incorporates owner demographics and information collected from third-party applications to enhance the overall experience. Development Managers match Qube owners with like-minded individuals in terms of values, career-opportunities, living interests, economic considerations, relationship and family status, and more. Development Managers take this information to the designers and architects to implement your customized Q-Munity. Qube design, layout, and infrastructure may change depending on the requirements and interests of the Q-Munity. Security features are also implemented.

    Qube Life - Modular homes - q-munity development

    Q-Munity Development

  • Sustainability
  • Diversity
  • Creativity

  • As Q-Munities continue to develop, Qube owners will be able to remain connected as part of their vibrant neighbourhood with continued access to services and support in relation to Q-Munity development. Q-Munity development is based on the values of environmental sustainability, nurturing creativity and self-expression, and versatility in terms of form and function. Because each Qube is a reflection of the owner’s personal brand, they will become more and more diverse as interest and participation increase.

    Qube Life - Modular homes - q-munity design

    Q-Munity Design

  • Vertical Homes
  • Customized Design
  • Decentralized Utilities

  • There are several ways to design your ideal Q-Munity. Do you care more about space or quality? Cost or luxury? As you come together with like-minded Qubers, you can consider building a Q-Munity around the things that matter most to you. If, for example, your focus is on sustainability, consider the option of going off-grid to establish a Q-Munity that runs off solar and wind power. If space is a factor, vertical home Q-Munities are multi-family dwellings wherein each home is detached using standard columns and beam spacers.

    The Qube Home Advantage

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