Welcome to a Q-Munity of Qubes

Imagine living in a community with literally everything at your fingertips. Imagine raising your family in a dense Q-Munity with all the benefits of detached living. The Qube Life Q-Munity is a revolutionary concept that fosters both connection and privacy, innovation and tradition, continual change and familiarity.

Qube Life - Modular homes - q-munity

Q-Munity Features

  • Convenient Living
  • Design Your Home
  • Customization

  • The Q-Munity incorporates owner demographics and information collected from third-party applications to enhance the overall experience. Development Managers match Qube owners with like-minded individuals in terms of values, career-opportunities, living interests, economic considerations, relationship and family status, and more. Development Managers take this information to the designers and architects to implement your customized Q-Munity. Qube design, layout, and infrastructure may change depending on the requirements and interests of the Q-Munity. Security features are also implemented.

    Qube Life - Modular homes - q-munity development

    Q-Munity Development

  • Sustainability
  • Diversity
  • Creativity

  • As Q-Munities continue to develop, Qube owners will be able to remain connected as part of their vibrant neighbourhood with continued access to services and support in relation to Q-Munity development. Q-Munity development is based on the values of environmental sustainability, nurturing creativity and self-expression, and versatility in terms of form and function. Because each Qube is a reflection of the owner’s personal brand, they will become more and more diverse as interest and participation increase.

    Qube Life - Modular homes - q-munity design

    Q-Munity Design

  • Vertical Homes
  • Customized Design
  • Decentralized Utilities

  • There are several ways to design your ideal Q-Munity. Do you care more about space or quality? Cost or luxury? As you come together with like-minded Qubers, you can consider building a Q-Munity around the things that matter most to you. If, for example, your focus is on sustainability, consider the option of going off-grid to establish a Q-Munity that runs off solar and wind power. If space is a factor, vertical home Q-Munities are multi-family dwellings wherein each home is detached using standard columns and beam spacers.

    The Qube Home Advantage

    Qube Life - Modular homes - Eco-friendly

    Eco-Friendly &

    Utilizing solar panels, a water filtration system, and other sustainable methods to power your Qube home, your energy consumption could be net-positive!

    Qube Life - Modular homes - comfort applications

    Comfortable Finishings

    You don’t have to give up luxury for practicality! Furnish your Qube home with everything you need to be comfortable, including furniture and all kitchen appliances.

    Qube Life - Modular homes - lower living costs

    Affordable Housing Alternative

    Be prepared to lower your cost of living with a Qube home. Pocket the money you save by having less energy usage and low to no mortgage payments.

    Qube Life - Modular homes - clean renewable energy

    Energy Usage

    A compact Qube home requires less energy to run. Living the Qube life can also help you make more sustainable decisions about energy consumption.

    Qube Life - Modular homes - build concept

    Build Concept

    The modular build concept of a Qube home makes it one of the most versatile housing options available. Add to your Qube as much or as little as you want.

    Qube Life - Modular homes - smart home technology

    Smart Home
    Technology Options

    Outfit your Qube home with the latest smart home technology to fit your on-the-go lifestyle. A Qube home can be the epitome of luxury and convenience.

    Qube Life - Modular homes calgary - luxury interior finishing

    Optimal Space

    We work with talented architects and designers to ensure that your Qube home offers the maximum amount of functional space, regardless of the size.

    Qube Life - Modular homes calgary - changeable surfaces

    Customizable Surfaces

    Removable surfaces make it easy to customize your Qube home with floors, walls, and fixtures that match your style. Plus, you can change them out when you get bored.

    There’s So Much to Love About the Qube Home

    Qube Membership