Process: Build A Home

  • Discuss general project needs
  • Location; have a site or need a site
  • Approx size, use, layout, budget,
  • Interior or exterior architectural styles
  • View our designs and let us know of any features you like
  • Determine extent of scope required
  • View project budgets and component pricing
  • Discuss options
  • Narrow down and revise proposal
  • Sign agreement & 15% payment for design proces
  • Detailed project assessment
  • Detailed options
  • Submit permit applications
  • On approval 50% payment for component procurement
  • Secure component supply and delivery dates
  • Establish construction team
  • Prepare construction schedule
  • Handover & move in 
  • Service, check-ins and updates
  • Modification assistance  

Build A Home

The Qube home is the most functional home on the market. It allows the most responsive and cost-effective modifications possible. This is due to the grid system building method which allows the greatest transferability of components. You can add, move or remove pretty much any component of the building from structural items to cabinetry or wall/ceiling features. Close to zero waste and easy/clean connection system increases quality while lowering cost. Our structure and construction assemblies are designed for optimal cost/energy performance and to withstand seismic and hurricane forces.   

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