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What Is a Modular Home?

The term modular, or prefab home, refers to a type of building process. Typically, these homes are constructed indoors in a factory-type setting. At Qube Life, we build high-quality homes that are unique in design, concept, and fabrication. Utilizing the advanced post and beam construction method, our Qubes can be stacked up, spread out, or stand on their own as sturdy, safe, and reliable structures. Our homes meet all structural, mechanical, and thermal requirements and are in-line with our environmental sustainability priorities. In addition, each Qube home is completely customizable with the ability to add, remove, or change Qubes at any time. Unlike other modular homes, our interiors are both pragmatic and authentic. Removable surfaces allow for easy ‘renovations’ to the flooring, walls, kitchen, and exterior.

Endless Possibilities

There are nearly endless possibilities when it comes to building and designing a Qube home. Our revolutionary features allow for structural customization and removable interior surfaces. Talk to a smart living expert to learn more about the options for custom flooring, comfort applications, exterior aesthetics, and more. Start with a single Qube and build from there! Our approved installers can safely make any structural changes, including omitting posts and beams, to allow for open plans and upper levels.

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The Qube Home Advantage

Join the Future of Qube Modular Homes

Qube Life represents the future of modular homes. We’ve taken the concept of a traditional modular home and revolutionized it into a solution that is sustainable, versatile, customizable, and offers everything you want in a home. We see the communities of the future being more connected than ever before, and we know the importance of fostering those connections. Membership in the Qube Life Qmunity allows you to buy and sell Qube parts and surfaces and connect with other Qube lifers in meaningful, organic, and convenient ways. Not sure if the Qube is for you? While we’ve designed our product to be a permanent housing alternative, the applications for the Qube are practically endless. It’s time to think outside the box! Qubes can be an ideal solution for extra storage, additional bedrooms, and even business applications.