Qube Life

Qube Life is a Canadian and Irish based company that has created a new design and construction method based on the universal shape, the cube, with added features to allow cost-effective customization.

First thought of as a more eco-friendly and versatile design to container homes, the Qube design offers even greater benefits, including lower cost and higher quality due to the standardization of dimensions. We chose a 2’ cubic block grid with connector zones. This design provides the least amount of waste possible, without compromising architectural design.

The simplicity of cubic design sparks creativity, allowing anyone to start designing their unique works of architecture. The customization features allow ongoing re-modelling to suit individual needs as they arise.

With a background in engineering, clean energy, construction development and architectural facades, we discovered we could apply high-end products and sustainable clean technologies in a cost-effective manner. Initial feedback from our first designs proved our concept, so we continued to develop the business.

With the increasing social crisis around the affordability of housing, our business is working on providing solutions to help ease the problem. Affecting mostly younger people, the ability to get onto the property ladder seems an impossible task due to the current job market, cost of living and high down payments required for a mortgage. The emergence of eco-developments and customizable buildings allows for a reduced down payment and a shorter payback period.

Our Vision

To help facilitate ecological and sociological development via our design and gaming software with added financial instruments to allow greater mobility for occupants.

Qube Life - ecological - Modular homes calgary


To turn the construction process into a net positive environmental effect, with sustainable utility features such as energy, water and waste.

Qube Life - sociological - Modular homes calgary


To provide affordable, functional, quality spaces, enabling greater financial security with the potential of becoming debt-free within 5-10 years based on the average cost of rent.

The simplistic design of using cubic blocks to create custom works of architecture allows anyone to become creative in this field. From kids to professionals, anyone can express their vision of future developments using real-life land, products and services. The result will be previously unexplored architectural and landscape concepts and hopefully, an expedited building process.

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