The Grid Complex

The “grid complex” is the building industry standardized material dimension applied as a cubic block grid to the earth’s topography with a live connection system to allow facile transferability of any building or infrastructural component. Without architectural compromise, any material or system can be applied to the grid complex while realizing the following advantages:

  • Increased quality @ reduced cost
  • Quick & clean install or uninstall
  • Increasing choice; allows manufactures, suppliers + services to connect with end users
  • Functionality; highly responsive cost-efficient modifications, allowing re-sale of existing components 
  • Lasting; components can be easily transferred from one building to the next, therefore lasting multiple times longer than traditional or modular construction

The grid complex is applied to new and existing building’s or infrastructure. Any material, dimension, angle or complex curve can be applied. Contact us if you wish to offer your material, system or service as a grid component or part. 

Carbon Sequestration

Using wood material on the grid complex creates an indefinite carbon sink. Infrastructural and building components can last as long as the material itself. Designed correctly this is multiple times greater than traditional methods.

Use of wood infrastructure is the only method of building full developments with a true net positive effect. The carbon sink capacity is greater than the combined carbon cost of all other products, processes and logistics. Therefore turning the respective construction process into an environmental benefit; the more we build = less carbon in the atmosphere. 

Volume vs volume, wood has approximately the opposite carbon effect compared to steel or masonry structures.

Above Ground Construction

Due to environmental benefits, “above ground construction” will become more prominent in the future. It allows carbon to remain in the ground and soil can continue its carbon sequestration role. In addition to environmental benefits, its more cost-effective and provides much greater functionality. Above ground construction means everything is built with a separation from the existing soil; infrastructure (services, roadway, paths), and structures are all above ground supported on piles or pads. Without variables, an entire development can be pre-ordered, manufactured and assembled on site in a relatively short period.  


The grid complex system provides the highest possible functionality of any structure on the market. Coupled with “above ground construction”, the entire community is highly responsive to any change necessary or desired. 

Cost Efficiencies

As the cost of material increases, the cost benefit increases. We have the benefit of modular without the warehouse and logistical costs.


Close to zero waste and the connection system allows higher quality at lower cost. It enables a more direct supply chain of end user products.


Self Sustainability

We believe everyone should live in a self sustained home. This provides independence from fluctuating utility costs and eliminates the need for unnecessary infrastructure. Recent cost efficiencies allow off-grid technologies to be more affordable than publicly provided while increasing consistency and quality.


The grid system utilises commercial grade design and products. This provides strong resistance against seismic, hurricane and most importantly air resistance. 


We engineer materials, products and architectural features onto the grid system while providing digital service traceability from raw material to end of use. Based in Canada and Ireland, we have a background in building envelope, engineering and renewable energy. We realize cost, quality, and convenience benefits due to the grid system, off-grid technologies and the latest smart automation products. All come together in a standardized, low cost, high quality, way with an ever-increasing responsive choice. This is due to our live connection system where every component from structural to cable & pipe connections fit perfectly together. Our operational aim is to provide the most practical and cost-efficient service possible by adopting a no-nonsense approach.

The grid system allows building in a much more responsive, rapid, clean, environmentally enriching, and responsible method. The grid system allows an ever-evolving development responsive to current needs and requirements..


Our base structure consists of 8″ x 8″ engineered glulam members advanced with steel rod connections transferring forces thru the members. This forms the primary building structure while assembly panels provide the secondary structure. This commercial grade structure is ideal to future proof against hurricane or seismic forces. The base structure is capable of  7 stories height.


Cost effective, quick and easy modifications such as;

> Add or move Units; kitchen, bathroom and bedroom 

> Add or move Surfaces; floors, wall and ceiling features

> Add or move windows and doors

> Add or move full Qubes

> Upgrade exterior architectural features

> Move; lift, disassemble or demount visual components

> “Build as you go” thus lowering or eliminating finance cost

> Buy, sell or swap components via the grid complex

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