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Welcome to a new concept of living: the Qube home! Tiny homes are picking up steam in today’s environmentally-conscious and climate change aware society, but we believe there’s a better way! While the concept of modular homes has been around for some time, we’re leveraging the industry in a whole new way. Our unique, patent-protected design utilizes the most versatile building shape: the cube. Cubes, or Qubes, as we like to call them, form the nucleus of our building designs while add-ons, screens, and skins are available to customize, modernize, and interiorize your home. Qubes can accommodate any architectural taste or design preference.


Qube Life - Modular homes calgary
One of the best things about owning a Qube home is the ability to reduce your carbon footprint. Many young (and not so young) people are searching for ways to minimize their environmental impact and live a more sustainable life. These eco-friendly adults are all about the Qube life.
Independent Young
No more living in your parent’s business until you’re 30! Qube Life is about enabling independence through smart and affordable living solutions. It’s easy to get started with a single Qube and build from there! If you’re a young adult looking for some greater independence, the Qube life awaits.
Qube Life - Modular homes vs tiny homes
Downsizing Baby
While baby boomers may be a little less familiar with the concept of a tiny home, we actually think it's the perfect solution for anyone looking to downsize. Whether you pass your home on to your children or choose to sell it for the profits, The Qube life could be the perfect retirement plan.
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Home Office
Working from home is a blessing, but it can also be a challenge. It can be distracting to have the flurry of family life threaten to impede upon your precious productivity. What if you could have all the benefits of working from home without all of the distractions? Cue the Qube life!
Qube Life - Modular homes calgary
Investment Rental
Investing in a rental property is one of the best ways to make an extra income on the side, but breaking into the real estate industry can be tricky, not to mention pricey. If you’re not ready to start living the Qube life, why not buy one and rent it out? Now that’s a smart investment!
Qube Life - Modular homes - Roofing
Home Away From
We all dream of that lake life, but it’s only a reality for a select few. Now hear us out. Qube homes are a) luxurious b) portable and c) the ideal beach home. Live the Qube life at the lake, on the beach, or in the seclusion of the mountains. The choice is yours.

What Is a Modular Home?

The term modular, or prefab homes, refers to a type of building process. Typically, these homes are constructed indoors in a factory-type setting. At Qube Life, we build high-quality homes that are unique in design, concept and fabrication. Utilizing the advanced post and beam construction method, our Qubes can be stacked, spread out or stand on their own as sturdy, safe, and reliable structures. Our homes meet all structural, mechanical, and thermal requirements and are in-line with our environmental sustainability priorities. In addition, each Qube home is completely customizable with the ability to add, remove or change Qubes at any time. Unlike other modular homes, our interiors are both pragmatic and authentic. Removable surfaces allow for easy ‘renovations’ to flooring, walls, ceiling, kitchen or exterior.

Endless Possibilities

There are nearly endless possibilities when it comes to building and designing a Qube home. Our revolutionary features allow for structural customization and removable interior surfaces. Talk to a smart living expert to learn more about the options for custom flooring, comfort applications, exterior aesthetics, and more. Start with a single Qube and build from there! Our approved installers can safely make any structural changes, including omitting posts and beams, to allow for open plans and upper levels.

1 Qube

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2 Qube

Qube Life - Modular homes calgary

3 Qube

Qube Life - Modular homes calgary

Many Qubes

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Get Started With Your Own Qube Home

The Qube Home Advantage

Qube Life - Modular homes - Eco-friendly

Eco-Friendly &

Utilizing solar panels, a water filtration system, and other sustainable methods to power your Qube home, your energy consumption could be net-positive!

Qube Life - Modular homes - comfort applications

Comfortable Finishings

You don’t have to give up luxury for practicality! Furnish your Qube home with everything you need to be comfortable, including furniture and all kitchen appliances.

Qube Life - Modular homes - lower living costs

Affordable Housing Alternative

Be prepared to lower your cost of living with a Qube home. Pocket the money you save by having less energy usage and low to no mortgage payments.

Qube Life - Modular homes - clean renewable energy

Energy Usage

A compact Qube home requires less energy to run. Living the Qube life can also help you make more sustainable decisions about energy consumption.

Qube Life - Modular homes - build concept

Build Concept

The modular build concept of a Qube home makes it one of the most versatile housing options available. Add to your Qube as much or as little as you want.

Qube Life - Modular homes - smart home technology

Smart Home
Technology Options

Outfit your Qube home with the latest smart home technology to fit your on-the-go lifestyle. A Qube home can be the epitome of luxury and convenience.

Qube Life - Modular homes calgary - luxury interior finishing

Optimal Space

We work with talented architects and designers to ensure that your Qube home offers the maximum amount of functional space, regardless of the size.

Qube Life - Modular homes calgary - changeable surfaces

Customizable Surfaces

Removable surfaces make it easy to customize your Qube home with floors, walls, and fixtures that match your style. Plus, you can change them out when you get bored.

There’s So Much to Love About the Qube Home

Join the Future of Qube Modular Homes

Qube Life represents the future of modular homes. We’ve taken the concept of a traditional modular home and revolutionized it into a solution that is sustainable, versatile and customizable. We see the communities of the future being more connected than ever before, and we know the importance of fostering those connections. The Qube design allows you to buy and sell Qube parts and surfaces. Not sure if the Qube is for you? While we’ve designed our product to be a permanent housing alternative, the applications for the Qube are practically endless. It’s time to think outside the box! Qubes can be an ideal solution for extra storage, additional bedrooms, rental or commercial applications.

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