Model Info

Qube-0: Flat roof style
Qube-15: Pitched roof style of 15 deg.*
Qube-30: Pitched roof style of 30 deg.
Qube-45: Pitched roof style of 45 deg.
Custom: Various designs, layouts and styles
*Qube-15, is specifically designed to allow maximum interior space while keeping in line with exempt planning dimensions.

All architectural styles, layouts, + interiors are interchangeable and can be applied to any building use;
Extensions, garden rooms, office pods, new homes or commercial


The qube building system consists of uniform components which can be reconfigured for any future building purpose or location.

Components range from sub-structure thru to fit-out. This allows you to alter your building to your specific needs at any giving time, while extending your building asset value.

Build as you need; upsize, downsize or relocate. Reconfigure layout, move/add cabinetry, update interior or exterior architecture.

Live Connection System

Our digitally live connection system provides a layout for quick and easy install of any component. The engineering of this system allows multiple re-installations. Overall, this lowers cost, increases speed and offers a greater choice of materials and products more directly from source to end user.


In choosing materials we balance function with the respective environmental impact. Without architectural compromise, we use reclaimed, light industrious materials with light industrious process.
The system component transferability + live connection system allows components to extend many times that of the initial building purpose. Structural components can last into 100's years while visual components can be reused 2-3 times. This system vastly reduces the energy inputs vs lifecycle function of building materials. Using wood, it provides a carbon sink longer than natural means. Potentially into 1000's years subject to correct use.
The uniform dimensions are based on the industry standardized manufacturing equipment increments. This vastly reduces waste and lowers cost.

Air Quality

With an evolving atmosphere, the single most important building function will become air resistance. Specification wise, we only provide our dual seal system using a product and method rarely seen in residential construction. Aided with basic filtration + oxygenation, this improves interior air quality, therefore ensuring a healthier building to sleep and live in.
"optimal oxygen = optimal energy"


Our commercial grade post and beam design provides both primary and secondary structural properties. This is important in handling seismic or heavy wind forces. Our base structural components are designed with multi-story capabilities.

The System

The Qube system is a multitude of structurally independent components which can be placed or moved by the client at will and at any time.


Our floor, wall and roof assembly panels consist of 180mm, recycled denim slabs, 4 layer staggered, compression fit and fully encapsulated with air resistant membranes. This assembly achieves high thermal, sound and vibration resistance. Strategic sizing and placement of glazing/shading enhances overall thermal/natural lighting performance. We follow design check criteria on every project based on site orientation, layout and function.


The connection, parts and components are manufactured by computerized machinery with a sub-mm accuracy. This provides clean architectural appearance while providing a consistent install flow. Fine lines, accuracy and uniformity is pleasing to the eye and promotes a feel good factor.


On discovery of the concept in September 2018, we immediately realized the benefits and started working on prototypes. We launched the demonstration Qube in December 2019 and secured our first project; a 2 story, 150m2, fully electric, passive home.

Our background spans over 20 years in building façade, engineering, construction, and solar panel installations.

With this building system in hand, our aim is to add value to our client projects.

Our Services

We provide both custom and pre-designed units. From supply of DIY components to full project management including fit-out and site works.
One main distinction we provide, is our post completion support and benefits.


We maintain a digital model locating every component and connection point. This enables low cost adjustments, re-modeling or re-location. This is done in the most efficient method; cost, speed, choice and environmentally.

Compared to any other building code compliant building system in the world, this method has:
- The lowest life cycle building material and systems cost
- The quickest, most environmental and cost efficient method for making renovations/extensions etc.
- Most environmental life cycle building process
This is due to the transferability value.

Base Price

Our Base Price Includes:
> Hybrid 200 structure with 180mm thermo-acoustic insulation, structural OSB interior + exterior with connection points
> Exterior fully adhered protection
> Complete roof and façade system
> Windows + doors as detailed
> Clear 30 min fire resistance coating
> Electrical package
Net of tax

Payment Schedule:
40% - Procurement
55% - Production
5% - 45 days post completion


Add Value

Our key aim is to add value.

It's our responsibility is to ensure an optimal value standing for our clients.

End value less procurement costs
+ project function, future proofing
+ ongoing service, experience
= Added Value

We instill this ethos from a basic level. From individual transactions and interactions transcending to completed projects and service.